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How to speed up the WordPress?

Fast loading website improve user experience, and help with your WordPress SEO. Google or other search engines rank fast-loading websites higher than the slow-loading ones.

Our themes and premium plugin are optimized for the fast loading speed. But there are many factors that may slow down your website.

1. Use Caching plugin

We have good experience with WordPress Cache Enabler plugin. It is a lightweight, simple, yet powerful plugin is easy to use caching plugin with minimal configuration.

Install and activate this caching plugin. You don’t need to setup this plugin, but you can go to Settings > Cache Enabler

For more detailed instruction, follow this documentation: https://www.keycdn.com/support/wordpress-cache-enabler-plugin

If you need more caching controll, use other caching plugins:

2. Use Autoptimize plugin

Autoptimize is the most popular WordPress minification plugin.

Autoptimize minifying your scripts, it can also bundle them together, cache them to optimize your website’s performance.

Just install and activate it, then go to the Settings → Autoptimize.  You’ll find there options to optimize your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS:


If you change some autoptimize settings, test your website.

3. Use lazy load function for images

Lazy Load Images decreasing page load time by progressive loading of images. The images, that are not in sreen visible area are not loaded. They will load just when reach visible part of screen.

This option is in Head Plus enabled by default

  • Go to Customizer – Global Options – Lazy Load Images